Mar 29 Hello all artists all over the world!

You are kindly invited to congratulate Finland. Finland is celebrating 100 years of independency in 2017. The whole year will be full of celebrations all over the country!

One way to congratulate celebrating Finland is to participate in this mail art project, which will conclude in a group exhibition in November. The exhibition will be in the Main Library in Arkki, Pälkäne, Finland.

- Technique is open.
- Size is european standard A4 paper or cardboard. ONLY horizontal.
- Every participant can send max three art works to this project.
- Add also your name, address and e-mail address. All information and the documentation will be sent only by e-mail.
- Please send in an envelope by snail mail.
- No participation fee, no jury, no return.
- Please remember that people of all ages visit the public library.

DEADLINE 31.8.2017

Please send your artistic congratulations to:
Anja Mattila-Tolvanen
Jahkoontie 70
FI-36600 Pälkäne

One hundred years is something very unique. I will personally send the next independence celebration invitation only when there will be hundred years more. Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Best regards
Anja Mattila-Tolvanen
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Nov 01 Hypnomatic

Hypnomatic has been released on Crónica! It is the tenth release in the series Corollaries, that compiles works resulting from Active Crossover: Mooste, a cross-cultural collaborative residency curated by Simon Whetham and hosted by MoKS, in April and May 2015. All works are composed from material compiled in a collective archive during the project.

For a free download, go here
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Oct 20 Secrets: translating the hidden workshop

In the workshop we will discuss what are secrets? How does the unspoken feel? What is hidden and why? How would a secret be if it were wordless, singing, a sound, a movement or a drawing? How are things revealed and what becomes of them? The group deals with the theme of sound, drawing and movement independently and together.

Työpajassa pohditaan mitä ja millaisia ovat salaisuudet? Miltä tuntuu kantaa asioita, joista ei saa puhua? Mikä piilotetaan ja miksi? Millaisia salaisuudet olisivat jos ne olisivat sanatonta laulua, ääntä, liikettä tai piirroksia tilassa. Miten asiat paljastuvat ja mitä niistä sitten tulee? Ryhmä käsittelee teemaa äänen, piirroksen ja liikkeen kautta itsenäisesti ja yhdessä.

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Apr 02 Masters of Play / Leikin mestarit

Leikin mestarit on monitaiteinen kurssi, jossa 9-14 vuotiaat voivat löytöretkeillä, kohdata ja leikkiä yhdessä luodussa tilassa. Yli 9-vuotiaille. 20-23.6.2016

Masters of Play is a multi-media art course that gives space for artists aged 9-14 to create, interact, discover and play together. June 20-23, 2016
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Apr 02 From Stories to Art workshops

Welcome to From Stories to Art workshops at International School of Helsinki. These workshops are for 4-7 years old artists who love to create, share, and make art! These workshops will be taught in English.
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Feb 01 Your turn! Sinun vuorosi!

Let's turn your playful ideas into a board game! Game design workshop at Annantalo on September 20, 2015.

In this workshop you will design and make your own board game. The best part is that you will be able to immediately share it with your friends. Good thing playing is an important process in game production! 

This workshop is open for all ages. For younger game designers, this would be a good time to come together with an adult.

Arlene Tucker and Emmi Komlosi will be there to help make your board game dreams come true!

Workshop will be held on the second floor of Annantalo on Sunday, September 20th from 13:00-15:00.

Nyt pannaan leikkisät peli-ideat kehiin! Työpajassa suunnitellaan ja tehdään oma lautapeli.

Pääset heti pelaamaan kavereittesi kanssa, sillä pelaaminen on pelisuunnittelun tärkeä osa!

Ohjaaja taidekasvattaja ja pelisuunnittelija Arlene Tucker
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Sep 08 Hear Here - - - Kuule tässä on Yle

Hear Here - - - Kuule tässä is about making visual representations of the moment and about being present. This interactive installation creates a situation where people can draw their immediate and natural sound scape onto blank cloths soon to be covered and layered with sonic documentation. Their sonic representations will be stitched into the cloth by Arlene Tucker and Emma Fält. The sewn in sounds patch together people and the various moments that have happened over numerous wavelengths. 

This installation performance will happen in Kuhmo, Finland and will be carried over to Haikola, Russia as part of the Ethno Music Festival Sommelo. Karelia will be conjoined and embroidered using threads of all shades and sounds.

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Jun 08 Active Crossover: Mooste

From May 18-31 I was very lucky to have been part of the group residency curated by Simon Whetham called Active Crossover: Mooste.  It allowed me to go back to one of my favorite places, MoKS!  

As our creative energy converged over the days Simon Whetham, Fernando Godoy and I developed a performance called Tuning the Lake. We wanted to create a situation for people to experience the lake in a different way. This entailed us playing instruments and making sounds from different corners of the lake.  How the waves traveled over water, through the air is so specific to time and weather, which reinforces the idea that every moment is one a kind. This performance included John Grzinich, Tuulikki Bartosik, and Hannah James. 

Simon did an excellent job of documenting the project. Here are the weeks I partook:

Read more about Simon's project here:!active-crossover-mooste/c1qrf
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Feb 26 Let Me Feed You

Let Me Feed You is on view at Helsinki's Botanical Garden at Kaisaniemi from February 25 - tba. Read more (Comments: 1)


‘Using pictures to transcend the boundaries of language’.  A series of workshops were participants are asked to express via simple drawings  a single moment, event, emotion or thought, experience of an ordinary or extraordinary day in their lives. The comics will include an optional caption in the mother tongue of each participant -all languages welcome! The material from the workshops will be gathered to produce a small comic art book.

Workshops led by artists:
Edwina Goldstone- Visual artist – Catalysti ry
Roxana Crisologo – Poet, author and cultural activist-Sivuvalo ja Catalysti
Arlene Tucker- Visual artist- Catalysti ry

Organisers: SivuvaloMakuCatalysti, Stoa and Caisa.

Contact Caisa:, 09-31037506 
Kansainvälisyyskasvatus ja kurssit
puh. (09) 310 37508, gsm 040 334 1086

Languages: English, Spanish and Finnish (basic)

Free Entrance

To see pictures from the event please click here.

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Nov 10 Transforming through Translation

Arlene Tucker (Finland) and Alejandra Pineda Silva (Colombia) invite you to enter into a dialogue with them on Skype in the meeting room.  There you will be met by the artist or dancer for a 10 minute 1:1 session – your exchange will form the foundation for Transforming through Translation, an installation in Helsinki, Finland at Third Space from 24th-29th of November (
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Jul 19 Make it Play! at Made in Kallio

You are invited to a build a toy and play family event I am doing with my friend Therese Bogan on Saturday, July 27th from 13-15:00 at Made in Kallio, Helsinki, Finland.
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Jan 16 The Main Players

I've recently started working/playing with Betty Adamou and the talented team of game makers at Research Through Gaming.  Here's my first blog I wrote for them:


Would love to know what you think about The Main Players!

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Oct 16 SEMIOTICS - 2 DAYS with Malcolm Evans in Amsterdam, November 6-8!



Semiotics is a two day workshop, delegates are required to attend both days. Day 1 covers the key principles of Semiotics, and day 2 looks at both theory and practice of integrating semiotic techniques into the research process. Both days include plenty of hands-on practice.

Consumer research explores and uncovers consumer insights: beliefs, feelings, needstates, brand relationships. But that is only half the story. Semiotics delivers the other half of the equation: essential insights about the cultural forces that drive these deep feelings – and how they are communicated through marketing messages. That is why many major multinationals now regularly use semiotic insights to help them achieve saliency in today’s ever more complex, multi-cultural consumer universe.

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Jun 06 Now accepting submissions for the 'In Dialogue' symposium

Heather Connelly, a Translation is Dialogue artist for the unKontained Translations installation, is co-curating a two-day symposium/event 'In Dialogue' at Nottingham Contemporary in August 2012.

They are currently accepting proposals and presentations. Deadline for submissions is 21st June 2012.  Please see:

You can find further information on Heather's research and past projects/exhibitions on her blog and website below:




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Jan 04 Scribble Shop!

The Scribble Shop is now open! It's been a long and hard working process to get it together.  All is well and the endless pages of art supplies awaits you! 
Check it out:
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Jul 27 What's your Phase 2?

Andi at the Scribble Blog is giving some insight on Phase 2 of her TID interpretation.
What's it gonna be?!
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Jul 08 Black licorice ice cream and bells!

A bit ago I got back from Naomi and Henri's wedding in Finland.  Was a blast.  Here's something I started for them
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