Air Play is a sound piece created for the people at Espoonkeskus in Espoo, Finland.   Also, it was made by people who live there! These sounds are to complement the natural sounds of one's daily life.  As a way to bring a playful soundtrack to ordinary spaces I have used melodies found in nature, animals, storytelling, and noises children and adults make - whether they are imaginative or routine - to compose this musical piece.  Even if the dialogue between the viewer and the sounds are not understood as a song, in the conventional sense, they are comprised of the music  we naturally make in our every day lives. Re-framing how one hears things can help change how we make and see the world.

Below is a clip of Air Play playing over the speaker at Galleria Espoonsilta.  Another kind of soundtrack to the soundtrack we already have in our daily lives- whether it's natural sound or heard through ear phones.  People pass by and are familiar with this new kind of music because in a way, they have made it themselves.  In the case of playing it in the children's playroom at the Espoo Public Library it drew curiosity in the kids, but nonetheless they kept on playing.

Even though Air Play was made by the people living in Espoo and initially a soundtrack for them, it can be played anywhere.  In the end, it hopes to evoke a way of alternative thinking.  We can listen to our writing as music when the sounds of graphite scribble screen on paper to a different tempo.


During April 18-29, 2011 it blasted on to the street and spilled on to the bridge in front of Galleria Espoonsilta / Galleri Esbobron
Virastopiha 3, 02770 Espoo, Finland

Also, it played in the group show 'Applied Semiotics' as part of a collection of my other works in Y Galerii in Tartu, Estonia (April 12-May 8, 2011).

From April 18-20 it was displayed in the children's play room at the Helsinki Public Library in Espoo.

I have to thank Mari Kimanen for sharing her voice, her kitchen chopping routine, and her play time with her baby.  Kiitos to Andy Best, Espoo and all the other kids that make the sound of fun be fun.

Run time: 30:28

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